Seeedstudio IoT Arduino Temperature and Humidity Probe Shield & Probes

Temperature and Humidity (T&H) remain top on the list for DIY Maker projects‘ sensing needs, many T&H sensorsare constructed from thermistor / low priced capacitive humidity sensor are not accurate for serious projects.
This Temperature and Humidity Probe Shield offers a nice design T&H probe and shield made from IC sensor, the measurement range would satisfy different needs of DIY and product design requirements.
The Penguin shape PCB attributed to Emperor penguin which breeds in the coldest environment and we believe the ultimate goal for IoT is about environment and species protection.
Common Applications when using this product:
Mini weather station
Thermostat / Climate Control
Intelligent Humidifier / De-Humidifier Control
Storage Cupboard Temp / Humidity Control
Horticulture / Greenhouse Temp / Humidity Control

Nice design Temperature and Humidity Probes for different project needs
Arduino shield for up to maximum 4 T&H probes (Additional probes optional)
Board Dimension 54 X 70mm
0.96 inch OLED Display Module (128 X 64)
3 User defined Keys
IC form T&H sensor – with plastic probe case :
Sensor IC :
Temperature Range (-40 to +125 C) *
Humidity Range : 0 to 100 % RH
Temperature accuracy +/- 0.3 C typ. (@ 25 C)
Humidity accuracy +/- 2% RH typ. (@ 25 C)

Part List:
1 x T&H Probe Shield for Arduino
1 x 0.96 inch OLED Display module
1 x Temperature and Humidity Probe with IC sensor
arduino raspberry pi maker faire shenzhen

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